Saturday, May 27, 2006

Groceries in Bucharest

We made a trip to Selgros (like BJs Wholesale) this morning for big groceries. I'm trying to stock the kitchen and make things a little easier for Steve while we're gone. Things like going ahead and chopping the chicken up and making the patties for burgers so all he has to do is thaw and cook.

Anyway, while all the groceries were sitting out on the counter I thought you might find it interesting to see the types of food we have here. Several products are American companies or else we have them in the US as well. Most of the directions on things are not in English however. Several products are recognizable but have different names.

From left to right: Fulga, this is milk or I guess it's milk. It has a shelf life of several months so Steve and I frequently debate what you can "do" to milk to make it last that length of time!

Cappy Tempo - a fruit drink that is not 100% juice but low in sugar and no carbonation. Think watered down juice. We all like them especially on warm days.

Bottled Water - We buy these huge bottles in a six pack because we go through quite a bit of water each week. The plus side is that bottled water is very inexpensive here.

Coca-cola - Simple American version however the small .25L can are very popular here and really that's about all I like to drink at a time anyway. You can also buy soda in .33, .5, 1, and 1.5 liter bottles.

Cappy Juice - This is real 100% juice. They have lots of varieties here. We seem to stick with the standard: orange, grapefruit, and white grape.

On to the snacks: Star brand chips - anyone recognize the logo. Yes, you guessed it! Lay's has this brand here. The flavors are a little quirky, although we are enjoying them. Let's see the flavors here are: Salted, BBQ, Sour Cream and Dill, Hotdog, Red Paprika, Cheddar. That's all that we've tried but there might be others.

Cheetos - pretty much same as the US except that chips do not come in large bags. Mostly in single serve bags and some in 2 serving bags.

Milka - Chocolate, and lots of kinds. This is Maria's favorite, it's milk chocolate.

Joe's - We all love these! They come in several sizes and flavors. Our favorite is the bite size in cappachino. They are a layered wafer cookie covered in chocolate. Yummy!

Liebz Crackers - These are Stephen's cookies. They are plain little cookies with chocolate on one side. I think I have seen them in the states at the specialty food stores.

Cleaning Products: Coccolino - I have a feeling you know this bear! Scents are a little different here but the product is the same.

Tide - Same as the states only different scents. We also have to be careful to buy the automat version. Not everyone has a washing machine so they still sell detergent in big quantities for hand washing.

Pur - dish soap. Works great, smells good too.

This is most of the "packaged" things we buy. There is a big selection of meats as well as fruits and vegetables. Most of the things I cook here are very simple, one dish meals.

The "countdown" continues with 5 days until we return to the states for the summer!