Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Naples and Capri

We spent this morning in the ruins of Pompeii. Outstanding! This is a town that was covered in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. They have excavated it and found whole bodies in place and bread still in the ovens. We were able to walk through the houses and down the streets.

On the drive back to the port we stopped at a cameo factory and watched while an artist was working on a cameo. They use local sea shells and carve down through three layers of color to create the art. Of course he fell in love with Maria and was showing her everything. I picked out a very pretty cameo ring. Thanks honey!

This afternoon was a different story. This was the plan: take a hydrofoil next to the pier to the Island of Capri. (I think ok public transportation a couple euros each) then once in Capri we wanted to find a local operator to hire a boat to take us to see the Blue Grotto, a cave with minerals that cast a blue light on everything. (when I read this I thought small boat for just us quick trip)

Here is what really happened: We find the hydrofoil company and purchase tickets, they were actually 38 euros total. That’s ok they’re probably round-trip…right?...WRONG!

Then we get to Capri and find a beautiful island – hope is still alive!

At the tour company we find out that tour actually lasts around two hours. Sadly we risk missing the all aboard if we attempt the trip to the Blue Grotto. So we wander the streets and drop 14 euros for ice cream.

After playing by the ocean, we catch the next hydrofoil back to Capri. For some reason the price is 40 euros for the return trip.

As we are entering the harbor Steve is looking out at the harbor with this puzzled look on his face. I ask him what’s wrong and he comments that he can’t see our ship. WHAT!?! Our boat is bigger that the buildings. As we are walking off the boat I pull out the two sets of cancelled tickets and sure enough there are at least two piers in Capri and we are on the wrong one!

So we are forced to take a taxi to our port and find the Voyager sitting grandly in the port waiting for us.

Since Maria and I both napped on the hydrofoil, Steve commented that he just dropped around $120 USD for a nap and three small ice creams. Talk about poor use of money!