Thursday, September 07, 2006

Malta with the Mauneys

We arrived on the island of Malta today around 1pm. This was the gorgeous view of the harbor on our way into port. I must say we are all enjoying the balcony. I hope we haven’t ruined ourselves for the “cheap” cabins!

We are fortunate to have missionaries, Mike and Colleen, from our church in SC, assigned to Malta. They live about 10 minutes from the port so they picked us up and we had a private tour and a fantastic afternoon of fellowship!

After stopping to see their apartment and driving by their church we headed up to The Great Siege of Malta. This was used by the knights of St. John around 1000 years ago. The view from the look out was amazing! And yet again there were lots of columns.

We also stopped by a harbor to see the famous Maltese boats. They looked like a scene from a puzzle. They also had local artists in booths and I found a lace tablecloth, hand-made, for my dining room table. Steve was generous to buy me a “large” souvenir for the second day in a row! I promised I wouldn’t buy anything tomorrow…we’re at sea!

On our way to the Upper Barrakka gardens we went by the Palace of the Grand Masters where the House of Representatives, the Palace Armory, and the President’s office are housed. Steve commented on the lack of security. We were able to walk right past the door!

The gardens were beautiful and Colleen said that at night they light them up and they are even prettier!

It was a short afternoon but I would advise anyone from our home church to look into coming here for a visit to minister alongside Mike and Colleen and to enjoy the beautiful island of Malta. After all you can’t go wrong, even Paul enjoyed his stay here!