Saturday, September 02, 2006

Barcelona on Friday

We took a kayak trip along the coast of Barcelona starting in Palamos. The coast here is great with super views of the mountains right along the waterfront. The beaches are more pebbly than in SC and the water was VERY cold. The pictures above are the beach were we started. Our guide, Eric, was originally from San Diego. He had been here in Barcelona for three years. There was one other couple with us on the trip. A young couple from Canada. The funny thing was the man is going next week on a business trip to Duncan, SC. Small world!

The pictures below are the beach were we ate lunch and the view from the top of the cliff. You can go to Steve's running blog to view photos of the other beach dwellers. I wasn't brave enough to take their pictures so I'm not going to post them either.

This is the entire group that we spent the day with kayaking and exploring!