Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boarding the Ship

We boarded our ship, Voyager of the Seas, right after lunch today. We got to our room and unpacked our carry-ons then set out to explore the ship.

Steve and Maria found the basketball court and shot some hoops and went back to the room to post to the blog and unpack the bags that had been delivered to the room.

Next we headed back out to get a snack since our “early” seating for dinner is at 7pm. As you can tell Maria and I had a small frozen yogurt and Steve had fried chicken and bread.

Of course for those that know us well you can probably guess our next stop…that’s right the library. With English books!!! Yahoo! We all checked out two to get us started for the week. Then Steve went to get us coffee, “because it’s free!”.

At 5:30pm we had the mandatory Muster Drill. Everyone on board has to put on their lifejackets and go to their assigned stations. They have gotten this down to clockwork on Royal Caribbean. We were gone from our stateroom for 30 minutes. Very fast!

Dinner was outstanding. We think that Royal Caribbean did some research because two of the gentlemen seated with us work with airplanes. One worked for Boeing and is a computer engineer and the other is retired and builds kit airplanes. All three of them had a great time talking. There is also an adorable 3 year old sitting at our table that was very well behaved despite coming all the way from NY yesterday. The other crazy thing was that our head waitress was from Romania. When Steve noticed the flag and country on her nametag he started talking to her in Romanian. The look on her face was priceless! I doubt she hears her heart language very often.

Tonight the show is an acrobatic gymnastic group and the promo poster also shows a girl doing hoop. So we’ll be going to a late show and hopefully sleeping a little later in the morning.