Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Typical Day

I wanted to give you a glimpse into a typical day for the Juttons in Bucharest. I'm going to use military time because that's what our digital clocks show in the apartment. This was our day yesterday. Fairly typical!

0530 - Steve and Dana get up and have prayer and Bible reading time

0600 - Steve makes Dana's coffee and packs his lunch. Dana checks the email and weather. Maria lies in bed pretending to sleep but actually reading!

0630 - Mimi calls Steve to let him know she is downstairs. This is a Romanian co-worker that rides with Steve to miss the hour commute by public. Steve then gets to quiz her on the Romanian language during the ride. Dana gets out the school books for the day. Maria continues to read.

0700 - Dana starts breakfast. Maria gets up and dresses. We sit and have breakfast then clean up the kitchen.

0730 - Maria's hair is put up in a bun and we head out to gymnastics practice. We catch bus #330 or 335. Then we change onto the tram, either #16 or 40.

0800 - Arrive at gymnastics and change into leotard. Maria goes to practice, Dana returns home to clean or do laundry.

1000 or 1200 - Practice is over. On Mon, Wed, Fri they finish at 1000 with a 2.5 mile run. On Tues and Thurs it goes until 1200 and they work equipment.

Until around 1430 - We get our school work done and eat lunch whenever we feel hungry. Lunch is usually a piece of fruit, cheese, some form of protein and maybe chips or a sweet.

1430-1600 - Free time. Sometimes I walk to Mega Image, our grocery store and buy last minute things for supper. Typically the Granny calls at some point during the afternoon to tell us that she has no news! :)

1600 - Steve arrives home from work.

1630 - Steve goes for his run.

1700-1730 - Supper, time depends on if Steve ran and how far.

1800 - Haircut time. Maria and I cut Steve's hair and then they cut mine (sorry, Beth!) He actually did great.

1830 - Walk to Piata. Last night we found a watermelon for $1, fresh peaches for a peach cobbler, and fornetti for the Mama, and icecream for the rest!

1900 - Baths for all of us. This is odd since we rarely all bathe on the same evening or morning! Some days we don't have hot water, some days no cold - either way that means no bath.

1930 - UNO tournament with Mama as the "big loser" every time! We have no TV that is suitable to watch here so this is what we do in the evenings. We also spotted this rainbow out the window. See picture below.

2000 - Bed time for Maria

2030 - All is dark in the apartment. Yes, we really do go to bed by 8:30pm!

We leave next week for our trip to Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Naples, Malta, and Palma De Mallorca! That should be worth several posts.