Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Metro Ride - by Maria

Sometimes when you get on the Metro there is either a gypsy girl or an old woman. The gypsys are beggars who are originally from India. When they beg, they sometimes sing a song or usually they just ask for money. If they're on the metro, they usually stand at a pole. And after they sing or beg, they walk from one end to the other end and stop in front of people to see if they will give them money. There is usually a gypsy woman with her baby in front of Mega Image, the local grocery store, to beg when each person comes in.

On Wednesday (yesterday), Mama and I were going to Cora. We ride the metro two stops to "Republica". I usually stand at one of the poles that are on the metro and if there's a seat Mama sits down. Across from Mama on the other side on the first seat of the row, an old gentleman was snoozing. Mama later told me that I looked kinda sad today, actually I was just tired from gymnastics. I was watching the man sleep and all of a sudden he woke up!

He looked right at me and I looked back at Mama to see if she saw him wake up. Then I turned around and he was handing me something. I took it and when I looked down at my hand I saw 2 - 50 banis which is 1 lei! He must have thought I was a gypsy girl and he had slept though the begging!

As we were getting off the metro, holding hands, and I looked back one more time - the man was looking at me with a confused face. Mama and I laughed all the way to Cora!

Anyway, I got away with my money!