Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

We seem to have developed a new Saturday or Sunday afternoon habit. The weather has turned cooler (80 degrees and cool breeze) and we have been heading to the park.

There is a nice little terrace restaurant with a smooth loop of asphalt right in front. They typically play American music from the 80s and back so Steve and I sit and embarrass Maria by singing along! Then we end up telling stories about something that happen when that song was popular.

We can either walk or take the tram to the restaurant. It's about 1.5 mile so, depending on how much time we have, we take the tram some. They have these great shade trees and comfy chairs and Maria can rollerblade while we watch.

This is a picture of Steve ordering sodas and mici (little beef sausages served with bread and mustard). Once we sit down the smell from the grill drives him to order these and since you order them by the number he can get the exact amount to satisfy his hunger. He is simply amazing at the Romanian language.

Maria has gotten much better on the rollerblades and she is getting faster and faster. Today she made a friend at the next table and together they went around the loop several times. When she tires of skating then there is a small park right beside the terrace and she can swing until they bring the check and we're ready to head for home.

It makes for a fun afternoon for all of us. Now two more days of laundry and packing and we're off!