Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday in Paris

After an awesome breakfast at the Hilton we headed out for our day. On the way to the Metro we saw the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe was commissioned by Napoleon.

Then we rode the metro toward Notre Dame Cathedral. Maria loves riding the Metro as you can tell from the pictures.

Notre Dame was beautiful. It is so awesome in person that I’m afraid the pictures will not do it justice. It was built between 1163 and 1345, then renovated in the 19th century.

On next stop was the Palais du Luxembourg.

There is a huge park in front with a great playground. We had to pay to enter but it looked great so Maria gave it a try. She went on the track with a rope swing that she loved so much she literally rode for over an hour. She even met this little girl named Allison. She is from Canada but she spoke English so they hit it off!

Our final stop on this outing was to Saint Eustache. There is a sculpture of a head and hand in the courtyard next to it.

We’re resting in our room now and have reservations to eat at Altitude 95, the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower tonight at 9pm! I think I’ll need a coffee.