Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bucur Obor

This morning we went to Bucur Obor, an indoor/outdoor marketplace. It spans 16 city blocks and there are vendors selling everything from produce, shoes and household goods to live chickens. We never actually saw the live chickens but I think I could smell them!

By the looks of the produce radishes are in season, along with all kinds of "greens". Also most of the people where buying these vine looking plants with small yellow blossoms. Some were twisted into crowns. I think it might have something to do with Easter. The Orthodox Easter is next weekend and that is when most people here will celebrate.

The only thing I bought was a great wicker basket. It was only 7 USD! I was tempted by the shoes - you know me! But I just couldn't get up the nerve to try-on any in all the chaos.

We did find a soft serve ice cream on the way out. They swirled them up nice and tall and all three only cost 1 USD! It was delicious and cheap. Just what we were looking for. Ha!