Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monday in Paris

Actually, I want to start with last night. We had a VERY late supper at Altitude 95, the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower, at 9pm. The food was very good and the view was outstanding. The service however was horrible! I guess they don’t have many repeat patrons. We enjoyed it since it was a once in a lifetime experience. Steve did have to carry Maria home since she fell asleep at the table!

After breakfast on Monday we decided to find a grocery store to get some French baguettes, deli meat, and fruit. Steve has decided that $30 a meal is ridiculous! We found the grocery but it took us a while to get there on the Metro.

After dropping off the groceries in the hotel room, we headed out to a neat shopping district, Bercy Commons, that I had read about. I found a pair of kaki capris that were on sale for $80, sadly they didn’t fit…Steve’s wallet! Ha ha

Since the shopping was a bust, we went into the park adjoining it to eat our lunch and feed the bread scraps to the ducks.

Next Maria picked the Parc de Monceau since we had read it had a great playground. We spent about an hour there sitting on a bench watching her play. The landscaping in the park is simply breathtaking!

When we left the park we went exploring and found this store…

The translation would be “House of Chocolate”. To give you an idea of the caliber of this place it would cost a little over $100 for 2.5 pounds of chocolate. We all picked out ONE treat! I picked almonds covered in dark chocolate – I’ve had two so far…outstanding! Stephen chose a chocolate bar with 60% cocoa. He hasn’t had any of his yet – drives me batty!