Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Au Revoir Paris

Our last day in Paris...the best laid plans - well you probably know the rest!

We like to plan activities for each day on a trip so that we can do everything that we want to do and make the most of the area so the metro trips are limited. Well for some reason we switched the plans for Monday and Tuesday. We were planning to visit the Louvre on Monday morning. So when we showed up on Tuesday we found out that it closes EVERY Tuesday. So no Louvre for us!

After breakfast, Steve and Maria went to make some pictures for his running blog. He ran this morning in the park that is close to our hotel that Maria played in yesterday. I've included some of his pictures because the landscape in the park is gorgeous!

Then we headed for the Louvre - you know how that turned out! We did make Maria's picture in front of the inverted pyramid at the entrance while we were waiting around for it to "open".

After finding out that it wasn't going to open we walked down the Tuileries. Maria even managed to find a carousel! We also stopped at a place called Angelina's for the best hot chocolate in the world. It was so rich and creamy!

We headed back toward the hotel and stopped to play in the park until time to head for the airport. Then we freshened up in the hotel bathroom and hit the public to the airport. Maria and I were stunned when we opened the door to the Ladies room so we thought we'd include the picture!