Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You do what you have to do!

I've been craving bagels for about a week now.

So today I went to the garage, hopped in my car, drove to Simpsonville, parked at Panera Bread, ran in and ordered a half dozen to go with a latte on the side.

No....Wait.....that is the states......we are in.....Romania.

So this is what I did. This morning while drinking my plain coffee (at least someone else made it for me - thanks Honey!) I logged onto my favorite recipe site and typed in "bagels". I looked at the recipes and picked one.

This afternoon Maria and I made bagels, from scratch! How cool is that?

To quote Stephen when he came in the door tonight, "you guys are out of control!"

They are yummy! The only thing we'll do differently is flip them half way through baking so they bake more evenly. One side is a little too brown, the other not brown enough.