Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Romanian Nationals - Day 1

Let them praise His name with the dance
Psalm 149:3a

We had a great first day at the National Championships. Maria was the first gymnast to step foot on the floor. She did great! She scored a 17.6 on her floor routine which based on the other scores that the Mamas had written down (I, of course, couldn't listen fast enough to the annoucer to understand on my own) she would have placed 3rd out of almost 60 competitors.

This afternoon she competed her rope routine. It was very good as well. She was competing against the next level in this routine. She scored a 16.975 which I thought was great. That would have ranked her around 22nd out of 56 gymnasts.

She isn't eligible for any awards since she is a foreign athlete but the thrill of competing at this huge meet is awesome.

I don't have any pictures. Every single one of mine turned out blurry. The video is great but I didn't bring the correct cable with me from the states; so hopefully one of my Romanian friends will have mercy on me and upload them for me at some point. If not, it'll have to wait until we return to the states to visit in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is ribbon and the closing ceremony. I'll try to do better about getting some pictures tomorrow.

The scripture at the top was part of our Bible reading two weeks ago in school. It just seemed so perfect for today.