Friday, May 11, 2007

This Morning...

Scene: Mama in the kitchen preparing breakfast "doings". Maria supposedly just waking up to start her day. The time is 6:25am.

Enter Maria (trying to look sleepy)

Mama: Good morning, did you sleep well?

Maria: Yes, what's for breakfast?

Mama: Eggs and bagels.

Maria: Call me when it's ready, I'll be in my room. I built a fort in my bed and all the pollys are in there set up in their houses.

Mama: (quickly figuring the time required for such a set up) What time did you wake up?

Maria: I just came out of my room (trying to, not so subtly, avoid the actual question)

Mama: Were you awake when Daddy left? (This was 5:25am)

Maria: (smiling angelically) yes, but I promise it wasn't in the 4's!