Friday, January 26, 2007

Dana and Maria's day "on the town"

We needed a day off of gymnastics so when Maria slept past 6:45am I decided that today was the day!

After a leisurely breakfast, we got our school work done and got ready to "go to town". This is what we say in the states. Of course here, we actually live "in town", but you know what we mean!

We walked to the metro and bought a new pass then boarded the metro to go to Cora. Alexa had a cool doll house, made from a book so it folds up, in language lessons last night. Maria and I loved it and since it is actually portable, we can bring it home too! We decided to try and find it at Cora.

We had success! Then we ate at KFC - I told you it was a big day on the town.

We left from there to take the Metro back to Titan Park and try out the new outdoor ice rink. We have tried three different days this week. One day we were late and couldn't rent skates, the next try was after a day of rain and they were still clearing the water off the rink. Today we got Maria some skates and hit the ice. It was cold and damp and for some reason people kept wanting to give Maria pointers and asking if I wanted her to have lessons.

It drove her crazy! Maria likes to be left alone when trying something new and this wasn't working. After 45 minutes we called it quits and headed for the apartment.

We set up the doll house and cut out all the pieces to make the furniture. It is so cute!

Then we made brownies. Not a bad day at all!