Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ooops!, The New "Last Post" of 2006

Due to the chaos of the last couple of weeks alone here in 2006, I actually failed to blog a really fun event. I was invited by a couple of the young guys at our church for a Sunday afternoon game of Risk.

Risk in Romania

If you haven't lived in a bubble for the last 50 years, you should know that Risk, "The classic Game of Global Domination", is probably the most famous strategy board game ever.
The players from left to right were Marian, Dan, and Jamie. Marian and Dan both work full time in ministry at our Romanian church, Cavalry Chapel. They are Romanians and grew up together in an orphanage. Among other things, both of them basically set up and break down the equipment for Sunday services at the rented building each week. Jamie is one of the assistant pastors and he is from the USA.

We played a "quick" game first which was won by Marian. The second game we played was the typically LONG and sometimes "heated" global domination version. It was won by me after about 3 hours. The game was decided when Dan had a series of unbelievably bad rolls of the dice attacking me. With his army depleted, this gave me a golden opportunity to ruthlessly eliminate Dan from the game and acquire a full set of risk cards (the keys to victory).

Apparently, my viscous play didn't make anybody really mad (this may be a first for me), and the guys have invited me to go skiing this Saturday. Stay tuned! When my chance of injury increases, so does the chance for a good blog post.