Thursday, December 21, 2006

Steve's work winds down for 2006

Hey everyone. It's Thursday here at my work site in Bucharest. With Christmas approaching and most folks taking Friday off, workplace Christmas parties were in full swing today. Christmas is the 2nd biggest holiday here after Easter. As lunchtime approached, grills were set up at different locations outside. I could smell the pork, mici and other sausages cooking from my office. I've just finished my second "party" and I'm pretty well stuffed for 2:30 in the afternoon.

I took this picture as party no. 2 was winding down. From the left is a Romanian technician we nicknamed "Junior", Americans Dan and Frank, and one of my good workplace Romanian friends Daniela who has helped me with lots of stuff this year. As you can see, the workplace rules for alcohol are a "leetle-bit" looser here. Don't worry, I don't think very much actual airplane work was done today on the facility.

Not that I really have to worry about this problem, but I learned something new today. You actually can open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. That's what this guy is doing with a Merlot on the right, since they forgot to bring one. For those in my audience that do drink wine, I don't recommend trying this at home - I think this guy is a professional.
Lots of of presents (cadou) have been exchanged as well. I got this traditional handmade Romanian basket filled with stuff (a tradition holiday bread, 2007 calendar, schedule book, and of course - wine) from my car rental company, which I thought was really nice of them (especially since, technically I don't really pay for the car - but hey - "nici o problema" (no problem).The question now will I work up an appetite for dinner tonight? The Bucur family is having me over again!