Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Romanian Hospitality

Hello everyone, Steve here. Once again, my "singleness" has attracted the sympathy of another Romanian family. I definitely think the gift of hospitality is a common trait here, and one of my most favorite aspects of the Romanian culture (We all know how much I love food anyway!).

Miheala and Gabby Bucur invited me over for supper on Thursday night before the usual "English class" where we've been assisting the tutor (Anca) with the kids Florine and Alexa. Miheala cooked up some mici (pronounced "meech") which are little sausages. She served the mici with mămăligă (pronounced "muh-muh-lee-guh") which is a "corn meal mush" or "polenta" for my Italian audience. The mămăligă was served with our choice of iaurt (yogurt), 2 kinds of brânză (cheese - cow or sheep), or smăntănă (sour cream) which you mix in with the mămăligă.

On another note, I am alive and well after the dog bite incident. You can read all about it here.

I am no longer angry now that I have come up with a plan for taking care of the stray dog problem here in Bucharest. The photo below shows my idea. Take this doggies, ha ha!:Yeah, I'm kidding...but it was nice thought. What you really see here is Miheala's Dad skillfully carving up a big slab of pork. Pork is the meat of choice during the Romania holiday (sarbatori) season. "Sarbatori fericite" or "Happy Holiday Time" is the most common expression here. Many of the dedicated Orthodox Christians here will observe a 40 day fast from meat (and other animal products) until Christmas day (Crâciun in Romanian). Then it's time to eat some serious pig!