Thursday, July 26, 2007

Corfu, Greece – Day 7

We had the morning on the ship. We “slept in” until 6:45am and then helped opened the breakfast at 7am! After breakfast we attempted to climb the rock wall and play a round of mini-golf but they were closed due to high wind. The wind was so strong that Maria literally couldn’t stand still on deck.

We returned to our room and read for an hour or so and Maria decided to play board games in Adventure Ocean. We picked her up around 11:30am and headed to a quick lunch before docking around 1pm.

We took a shuttle bus into the town of Corfu. Once there we wandered the streets and saw the old and new forts as well as the churches.

We also had Maria’s name made into a silver necklace with the spelling in Greek. I also purchased a small bottle of olive oil that I will use and then save the bottle for decoration. After an ice cream we boarded the shuttle bus back to the pier.

We had time for a quick swim before dinner. The pool wasn’t crowded at all with most of the other passengers still on land. We don’t sail until 8pm so I think many passengers will eat a late dinner tonight or even eat in Corfu.